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The Stuttgart University Archives

During the Second World War almost all files and documents of the former Technical University of Stuttgart were destroyed by bombing. In 1950, the library of the Technical University of Stuttgart began collecting newspaper articles, scattered printed matter and papers from deceased professors in order to compensate for the loss of information. This collection of excerpts or documentation is constatntly being expanded to this day.

In 1995 a full-time position for an archive manager was created, and in 1997 the actual university archives in Stuttgart was founded by setting up its own magazines, a user room and offices for staff. In 1998, it received recognition from the State Archives as an archival institution in accordance with § 8 of the Baden-Württemberg State Archives Act. The University Archives is a department of the Stuttgart University Library serving scientific research. It is open to all interested citizens.

Currently (September 2019) the university archives owns approximately 2,200 metres of files, records and other archival material as well as approximately 3 TB of digital data, which are indexed in a database with approximately 160,000 data records.

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